Message From Chairman


Service excellence, high end product quality, conforming to the established government norms, stringent governance policies are few of the various tasks Ambey Group is proficient at.




As more than three decade old company, the group has its feet firmly established on the ground. With years of hard work and undivided commitment, the conglomerate has earned itself a reputation.


We have and continue to proliferate because we have been able to nurture satisfaction. Be it the Trishul range of products or guar gum or agrochemical products, Ambey group has maintained its promise of quality. We have garnered the seeds of trust and it is on account of our unblemished performance that we have been able to reach corners that none other in the field could venture into.

We supply quality and that has been essentially enabled because our manufacturing process and ingredients follow the highest regulation guidelines. We invest in our people and processes and that is our backbone. With continual effort and unparalleled perseverance to attain new standards of success, we have formed this conglomerate.