United Modi Hydropower Ltd. is a registered public limited company established under the companies Act 2063 of modi1Nepal, with an objective of promoting hydropower in Nepal through private investment. It was registered as a private limited company on 5th Mangsir 2064 (21st Nov, 2007) at Office of the Company Registrar, Nepal Government. It was later converted into a Public Limited company on 28th Chaitra 2070 (11th Apr, 2014).

The project is a run of the river hydro power plant at Modi Khola of Parbat district. The construction of the project started in early 2010 and was completed in August 2012. The project started generating electricity from September 2012 after being connected to the national grid, since then the project has been adding 61.01 GWh of energy annually to the national power network.


Lower Modi-2 Hydropower Project (10.5 MW) is being developed as the cascade project of the upstream Lower Modi-1 Hydropower project. The project is in its design phase.